In the long timespan of 6 Years, Indipendent Souls being a self-help group, have held several events starting with Donating Clothes, Raw Foods, Necessity Goods & Baby Care Products and much more to an Orphanage. Following up with Blood Donation and Food Donation Camps every year, and not to forget about Tree Plantations for any of Our Achievements. Along with which we have never hesitated to give a hand of Financial Help in required situations, doesn’t matter whether it’s a School Fees or to run Monthly Expenditures of a Family.

Our Values

Motivation is the Biggest Power in today’s World and we too believe in Staying Positive for whatever happens in Life. It’s not an easy way, but it is the only Way to bring a Change.

Health Care

If economically backward people Don’t Get Access to proper Food – Nutrition – Medication, then Right to Health Gets Reserved Only to Wealthy Side of the Society and hence the Line becomes “Wealth Is Health”! Right? Here we are trying to Prove the Latter Wrong by providing Quality Food at Free or Affordable Prices along with Proper Health & Hygiene Materials, Tips & Suggestions.

Sports & Children Welfare

Sports is recognised as an Essential Element of Learning because we need both Physical & Mental health Development. Activities are a Great Motivator to Enhance the Spirit of Learning and Leadership, especially among the Youth. Besides, providing Good Nutrition to Children in their Glowing Period is the Need of the Hour. We are constantly Working to Make Parents and their Children aware of the Above Facts.

Art, Culture & Heritage

Team Indipendent Souls is Reimagining Ways to Protect and Enhance the Knowledge about India’s Priceless Heritage to not only Sustain but also make Art and Culture relevant To the Younger Generation. India is a Land of Diversity in any Field, Cultures being one of it. It is our Responsibility to Ensure that the Youth appreciates and connects with Our Rich Heritage and Art.

Environment & Agriculture

Indipendent Souls is constantly working for our Environment by Changing Simple Things with Different Ideas. For Example, whenever we accomplish something, we celebrate our happiness by Planting New Trees and not only in Times of Celebration, we do have Tree Plantations Camps where we make People aware of Forest Conservation, Taking Care of Our Environment even in Challenging Circumstances, and many more. Same Applies in the Field of Agriculture.

Literacy & Human Rights

The overall literacy rate of India is 64.8%, Male Literacy Rate being 75.3% and that for Females being 53.7%, showing a gap of 21.6% points between the Genders at the National Level. Here we as Humans Fail! One of the Main Cause behind it is a Lack in Awareness of Legal Aid. We as Human Beings are Working to Spread Awareness about Human Rights and will make sure that in near Future every Deserving Candidate can follow Their Dreams.

Labour & Employment

India’s Unemployment Rate has increased Sharply to 7.11% in 2020 when there was around 501 million Labours in the Country. Indipendent Souls is working for Employments in India with New Ideas and Great Strategies. We Offer a good range of Internships at a very Low Cost so that Everyone can work on their Skill Development.

Domestic Violence

A Topic which never comes to a Solution rather has Increased due to this Pandemic Situation. about 86% of Women who faced Violence and never Sought Help. Surprisingly 77% didn’t even mention the Incident(s) to anyone. In 2020, between March 25-31, 1477 Complaints of Domestic Violence were made by Women. This is where Spreading Awareness is Not Enough. We as a Team are Trying to be in Touch with them and Let them Speak Out of their Heart.

Fight Against Rape & Acid Attack

The Uprising Graphs of Recent Rape Cases are such a Dark Spot in the Present Scenario of our Indian Society. Similarly, in the Past Few Years, Acid Attack Cases are also Rising with a Great Pace. Such an Intolerance is Leading to rising in Crime Rates too. So, We, Team Independent Souls have Joined Hands to Fight Against “Rape Culture & Acid Attack” and make India a Better and Safer Place to Live for Women.

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